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Mine Run 5k 2018: Running in the Permian Sea

Is it possible to run in a sea? I suppose Jesus could run on water, but the rest of us would probably drown. However, the Permian Sea dried up over 275 million years ago, and is now the Permian Wellington Formation. A portion of the 27,000 square miles of Permian Sea salt deposits rest below […]

2018 Yearly Goals: Total Mileage Cheat-sheet

I mentioned in a previous post how much we love setting goals. I also mentioned how spectacularly I failed my 2017 goal of hitting 1,500 miles for the year. Now we’ve made it into 2018, and it gives those of us who fell short another chance. An opportunity to reset our mindset and create new […]

Race Review: Hangover Half Marathon 2018

I am a Half Fanatic and therefore a member of an insane asylum. There is no better way to prove that than paying to run 13.1 miles in single digit temperatures. That’s exactly what happened on January 1, 2018. The Hangover Half Marathon in Wichita tested everyone’s stubbornness, cold weather gear, sanity, and even their car batteries. […]

Missing Goals: Falling Short of 1,500

We are told constantly that we need goals. Goals that will help motivate us to take the next step towards a better version of ourselves. When we meet those goals it’s a fantastic feeling to behold. Whether our goal was finishing our first half marathon, getting a new PR, losing those last few pounds, or […]

Race Review: Flatlanders Half Marathon 2017

If you have read my previous race reviews you know there aren’t many options for half marathons in this part of the state. In my previous stomping grounds, Great Bend, there are even fewer options. However, in recent years a fellow runner has tried to help get an annual run of to the races. The […]

Race Review: Prairie Fire Spring Half Marathon 2017

I ran the Prairie Fire Spring Half Marathon as part of the Back-to-Back series for Prairie Fire. A series that features several options for running both spring and fall races at varying distances. Unlike my option to go from spring half to fall full in 2016, I stuck with the half marathon for both seasons. […]

Race Review: El Dorado Half Marathon 2017

My ninth half marathon came around in April of 2017 in El Dorado, KS. The morning weather was overcast and chilly with a steady breeze.I very much appreciated the early morning packet pick-up that was available. The packet pick-up went smoothly, and gave me plenty of time to get warmed up. The El Dorado school band provided music […]

Mine Run 5k 2017: Still 650 Feet Underground

In 2016 the Strataca Salt Museum in Hutchinson, KS hosted the first Mine Run 5k, which was a unique run held 650 feet underground. I was able to take a video of the run, but found that the mine was so much darker than I expected. Specifically, the light I attached to my helmet for […]