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30 by 30

In January, as the new year began I started to reflect on what this year would bring. It hit me that this year I would be turning the dreaded Three…Zero.

Rather than be depressed for the next several months that my twenties are coming to an end I decided to embrace turing 30. Remembering my husband’s 48 states by 30 goal made me think that I needed something exciting, adventurous, and goal setting to bring me to the end of my twenties. I compiled a list of ideas that hopefully will make me feel young at heart. Yes, some of these items do include childish things, but that was the point.  The list contains things easy to accomplish, and some are a little more difficult. Some are things I have done before, and others are things I have never done. I have approximately 9 months to accomplish these goals.

  1. Learn to Box– In the last few year’s this has been a goal of mine to learn. 
  2. Try a new recipe each month
  3. Take a road trip
  4. Visit one new place in town
  5. See a drive-in movie
  6. Create 30Pinterest Ideas – Of course I had to incorporate something with the number 30 in it. 
  7. Try sushi – If you have any suggestions of where to go let me know!
  8. Read a new book- Please let me know your suggestions. 
  9. Test drive my dream car – Mercedes Benz
  10. Unplug for one full day
  11. Learn to meditate
  12. Try barre
  13. Take my husband on a surprise date- I guess it’s no longer really a surprise anymore. 
  14. Go on a picnic
  15. Go horseback riding
  16. Fly a kite
  17. Play a new golf course
  18. Work on promoting DoTerra
  19. Go to Urban Air
  20. Play Top Golf
  21. Get Healthy
  22. Take a cooking class
  23. Play laser tag
  24. Go Camping
  25. Plant a garden
  26. Take a spa day
  27. Go to South Bend Indiana and walk the Notre Dame Campus
  28. Paint the Kitchen
  29. Go Ice Skating
  30. Do a good deed

IMG_7774The two on this list that I have struck through have been accomplished. I hope to take you along as I complete each one of these bucket list items. I hope now that you will reflect on your own goals, and dreams. “Your mission if you choose to accept it is to make your own bucket list”.



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  1. Hi Meg! I’m enjoying your new blog. 🙂 I have a few suggestions for you. Swing by Lawrence on your road trip and eat at Yokohama Sushi with us (it’s the best in the area!). Also, a couple of good books I’ve read in the past include Water for Elephants, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, Suite Francaise, and anything by Isabel Allende (she’s one of my favorite authors, House of Spirits was her first novel, but Daughter of Fortune is probably my favorite). Good luck on ticking items off your list! xoxo

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