30 by 30 Update – Kite Flying Adventure 

TweetToday we decided to take a break from our usual Sunday afternoon work to go kite flying. Yep you heard that right. Two grown adults were going to venture out and fly kites. You might be wondering why we would find enjoyment in doing this. First of all, this is something on a 30 by […]

Running 650 Feet Underground – Mine Run 5k

TweetThe Strataca of Hutchinson, Kansas, is a salt mine museum 650 feet underground. The mine began operation in 1923, and is 1 of only 15 salt mines in the US. Since it’s the only mine open for tours, it has become a very popular tourist destination since opening in 2007. In 2015 it was decided to offer a […]

Working from Tortoise to Hare: Day 1 

Tweet I think we all know and remember the story of the tortoise and the hare from our childhood. I was definitely a tortoise during my previous 5k’s and first half marathon. I always get very nervous right before a race, and I wish I had a shell to duck into to protect me from my own awkwardness. […]

Running in 2016: The Year of the Marathon

TweetUpdated on March 22, 2016 As mentioned in my previous blog post, Running: The Most Expensive Free Sport, one of the many costs of running is the fees for participating in races. This year I’ve picked out a handful of races to run in, and I’m pretty excited. First and foremost, this is the year […]

Our Running Partners

TweetMeghan and I love each other very much, but sometimes it’s nice to have a couple of spoiled dogs give us additional companionship. A dog is one of the most faithful and forgiving friends a person can have. Full of unconditional love and never ending happiness, it’s hard to look at a dog and be […]

His and Her’s Review: Kickboxing Class

Tweet Learning how to box has been an obsession of Meghan’s for some time now. In the last year a few boxing movies have come out, and have given Meghan a bigger desire to box. When it came time to create her 30 by 30 goals, there was no way that boxing wouldn’t make the […]