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48 Before 30: Driving the 48 Continental States – Summary, Favorites, and Notes

As I’ve mentioned, I started my 48 Before 30 journey simply because I like to drive. It took me 5 trips overall, but I was able to get them all in before I turned 30 years old. I created a separate post for each trip with details of the routes. Below I wanted to give an overview of the entire trip, and what my noted memories were (favorites or not-so-favorites).

Trip 1: Miles: 3,626.2 Time: 63 hours, 40 minutes States: 12

Trip 2: Miles: 2,431 Time: 39 hours, 30 minutes States: 9

Trip 3: Miles: 3,311 Time: 55 hours, 15 minutes States: 15

Trip 4: Miles: 4,508.5 Time: 71 hours, 24 minutes States: 13

Trip 5: Miles: 3,943.4 Time: 66 hours, 51 minutes States: 20

Totals: Miles: 17,820.1 Time: 294 hours, 40 minutes States: 48

Longest Day by Time: 14 hours, 30 minutes – Coming home from Wisconsin during Trip 4.

Longest Day by Miles: 909.3 – Coming home from Wisconsin during Trip 4.

Shortest Day by Time: 2 hours, 24 minutes – Coming home from Trip 3, and had stayed at my cousins.

Shortest Day by Miles: 126 – Coming home from Trip 3, and had stayed at my cousins.

Favorite Stretch of Road: I70 driving East through Colorado during Trip 2. Seeing the architecture of the interstate built through the mountains were quite fascinating to me. You’re able to see more of the support system driving East, as the eastbound highway is the lower of the two.

Least Favorite Stretch of Road: Driving through South Dakota during Trip 1. The land was green, but just simply too boring. Straight and flat road with nothing at all to look at. It wasn’t the longest day, but it certainly felt like it.

Favorite Town to Stay In: Savannah – I stayed an extra day in Savannah during Trip 3, so I was able to spend a lot of time walking around. I really enjoyed spending time on the waterfront, as well as walking through all of the historic parks.

Least Favorite Town to Stay In: Baton Rouge – I stopped during Trip 3, but I was staying in an area that didn’t have much. That wouldn’t have been too bad, but the traffic from road construction was so bad I didn’t venture out. That left me with nothing to do the entire night I was there.

Favorite Place to Eat: Flying Pie Pizzaria – There were a lot of places I really enjoyed eating at, so this was a pretty hard choice for me. I chose this particular place, not just because I really enjoyed it, but because it’s probably the only place I’d like to make a return trip to someday. The main reason for that is because I didn’t order what I went there for, but I still wasn’t disappointed in the pizza I got.

Least Favorite Place to Eat: TGI Fridays – I was very disappointed at my experience during Trip 1. It just wasn’t that good, small portions, and still a high price. It’s the only time I’ve ever ate there, and don’t plan on making a second attempt.

Most Memorable Site Seeing Stop: Idaho State Penitentiary – There’s something about history that I really like. Although I made a handful of visits to historic sites, this is the one that had the most history to me. Mostly because it had been run down a bit, and lets your imagination wonder with the kinds of things went on there. I was fascinating while walking around this old penitentiary.

Biggest Regret: Trip 2 was made so short that I didn’t do any site seeing. I wish I had taken the time to stop at the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam. The Grand Canyon is a natural wonder, and would make a great spot to workout. Whether it’s just walking down, or trying the Rim to Rim challenge. I also think the engineering of the Hoover Dam would be quite impressive to check out.

Strangest Moment: Without a doubt the oddest encounter I had was with Eddie in Savannah. Eddie was a resident at the nearby halfway house, and he started talking to me as I was walking by. I ended up hearing his life story, and giving him some money for lunch.

This is my atlas markup after all of my trips (plus a few others).
This is my atlas markup after all of my trips (plus a few others).

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