DIY – Grandkids Sign

TweetMy Grandmother’s Birthday was this month. I searched for the perfect gift, and couldn’t find anything in the stores. I decided I would try to make something for her, so I searched and found the perfect idea. A “Grandkids” sign that she can hang pictures of her several great grandkids. There are 8 great grandkids under […]

DIY – Flower Letter 

TweetEaster Weekend has arrived, and with the running around to festivities and activities I decided to take part of my Friday to make a DIY flower letter. I got this DIY flower idea from This is an easy project that requires just a few items: – flowers – hot glut gun – wooden letter I purchased these […]

DIY – Wooden Wall Letters

TweetOnce we bought a house I immediately decided I needed a bunch of tools for the garage. My dearest wife, Meghan, indulges my manly desires from time to time when a new project comes around. They haven’t all gotten done, and I’m no expert, but I’ve been able to do most I’ve set out to […]

Gear Review: Apple Watch

TweetI want to start off with a little bit of a disclaimer. I have been an Apple fanboy for years. We’re talking before the era that Apple almost disappeared in the 90’s. With that said, I will still be very honest and fair in this review. Apple has a history of defining the standards for […]

A Day In The Life of Kaia and Binellie 

TweetHi! It’s me, Kaia, and I have decided to hack my parent’s blog. Since my paws are too big to press the keys, I have enlisted the help of my mom to assist me with typing. I wanted to share a day in our lives as mom and dad’s running partners. We love our life […]

Running Bucket List

TweetEveryone has a bucket list of some sort. Things they want to do, places they want to see, or people they want to meet before they leave this Earth. For runners, those bucket list items turn into race distances or locations. Below is my version, and I have a long way to go to complete […]

Gear Review: Jawbone UP3

TweetWhen I first decided to buy a fitness tracker I had a few requirements. I wanted the tracker to be small, comfortable, have long battery life, and be somewhat stylish. The Jawbone UP3 had already been announced in November 2014, but it spent months in limbo. Months went by without any knowledge of when, and […]