DoTerra Trimshake Fudgescicles

TweetSummer is approaching, and who doesn’t like all things ice cream? After ordering the DoTerra Chocolate Trimshake I soon started experimenting with using it in a variety of ways and recipes. I searched online and found this recipe for Fudgesicles. I made modifications to the recipe based on what I had, but I used this for a reference. […]

Gear Review: Orange Mud HydraQuiver

TweetThroughout all of my training runs and races, I’ve noticed that once I stop for hydration I slow down considerably. I can finish in a much better time if I don’t have to stop for a drink. Of course, it isn’t very smart to run past all the stops in a long distance race, or you’ll […]

Race Review: Prairie Fire Spring Half Marathon

Tweet Today I ran the 2016 Prairie Fire Half Marathon, as part of the Prairie Fire Back 2 Back challenge. I finished in 2:02:51, so I suppose I will continue chasing my first official sub-2 hour half marathon. Below is my official race review, but please note that you can find more reviews for this race […]