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Mine Run 5k 2017: Still 650 Feet Underground

In 2016 the Strataca Salt Museum in Hutchinson, KS hosted the first Mine Run 5k, which was a unique run held 650 feet underground. I was able to take a video of the run, but found that the mine was so much darker than I expected. Specifically, the light I attached to my helmet for the run gave off very little light. Not only for the GoPro recording video, but for simply seeing where I was going. I recall missing a turn when I lost track of the guide rope, but luckily noticed the lights behind me turn the corner. I learned my lesson and purchased a brighter helmet light for the 2017 run.

After comments about the guide rope being a bit hard to see in the first year, the organizers went with some different rope to make it easier to see. There were also brighter reflective directional arrows when turns were needed. Given the amount of tunnels down below, the 2017 race was able to have a completely new route, with some of the mine’s unique features lit up for everyone to see as they passed by.

I was extremely excited to take video again this year with a brighter light, so everyone could see the entire run. However, I was very disappointed that my GoPro lens had a smudge on it that affected the clarity. Nevertheless I feel I needed to post the video anyway. Please take a look, and remember to put the 2018 Mine Run 5k on your race calendar!

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  1. This is awesome – just ran the Mine Run Saturday 2/17/18 and this is where I’m referring others to watch what it was like!

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