About Us


Hello spectators, let us introduce ourselves. We are the Rolo’s. Not the chewy caramels in milk chocolate, but Meghan and Willie. It’s been a dream of Meghan’s to start her own blog, providing everyone willing to listen her thoughts and ideas with just that. Unfortunately for Meghan she requires the help of her techie husband. In order to entice said husband to follow her into the blogging world, this would require including many topics that interest the best husband in the world.

Our blog, which will sometimes be split into  “his” and “hers” topics, will cover a wide variety of interests. Our blog name, Running With Rolo’s, has double meaning. The most obvious of course is this fella’s love of running. Naturally, you will see many blog posts revolving around running. The other meaning is how our lives are constantly running in every direction, and not always in one straight path.

Some of the topics you can expect to see on this blog include: All Things Running, Movie Reviews, Restaurant Reviews, doTerra Daily Dose, Daily-ish Ramblings, DIY, and whatever else we feel like sharing.

Please join us and running parters, Kaya (Whippet) and Benellie (German Shepherd), for our adventures as we run, create, and ramble to entertain you.