Race Review: Gobbler Grind

TweetThe Gobbler Grind is the second race in the Harvest Half Series, and is held in Overland Park, KS. My goal was to finish better than the previous week’s Kansas Half Marathon. The packet pickup was held at the Scheels sporting goods store, which is now my favorite store. I wasn’t able to see any […]

Race Review – Kansas Half Marathon

TweetI have decided that the half marathon is my distance of choice. It is long enough to be worth the entry price, and yet challenging enough not to be considered a “walk in the park”. Since I spend a lot of time looking around at half marathons, I’ve come across a few different clubs that […]

Race Review: Prairie Fire Marathon

TweetI had two running goals coming into 2016. The first was to run over 1,200 miles for the year, which is a mark I will pass during tomorrow’s race. The other goal was to take on a new challenge. My choices were between an obstacle race or a marathon. I decided on the 26.2 mostly […]

Running for a Purpose: Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

TweetStepping out on the road is its own reward. The fresh air, the accomplishment, knowing you’re making yourself better, and being a part of one of the biggest communities out there. Though now and then we look to give more of ourselves to the world. For most of us that means running in the name of […]

Race Review: Officer’s Down 5k

TweetAs a runner that participates in races, we continually see Police Officers helping with traffic to keep us safe. Being a Police Officer is one of the most dangerous jobs you can have. It takes a selfless, caring, and extremely brave soul to put themselves in the constant line of unknown dangers. We citizens tend […]

Race Review: Hospital Hill Half Marathon 2016

TweetEarlier this year I started to look at some more half marathons that I could run. There simply aren’t a lot in my part of the state, so I have to venture out if I’m going to join any of those half marathon clubs. Kansas City makes perfect sense, as we have family we can stay […]

Gear Review: Orange Mud HydraQuiver

TweetThroughout all of my training runs and races, I’ve noticed that once I stop for hydration I slow down considerably. I can finish in a much better time if I don’t have to stop for a drink. Of course, it isn’t very smart to run past all the stops in a long distance race, or you’ll […]

Race Review: Prairie Fire Spring Half Marathon

Tweet Today I ran the 2016 Prairie Fire Half Marathon, as part of the Prairie Fire Back 2 Back challenge. I finished in 2:02:51, so I suppose I will continue chasing my first official sub-2 hour half marathon. Below is my official race review, but please note that you can find more reviews for this race […]

Waldo’s Running Playlist Top 10

TweetSome runners forego the headphones for time to think without distractions. I’ve seen a lot of interviews with influential runners that insist their best ideas come to them while running, specifically without music. Personally, I don’t like to run without some music playing. Every now and then I’ll opt for a comedy album to mix things […]

Gear Review: Apple Watch

TweetI want to start off with a little bit of a disclaimer. I have been an Apple fanboy for years. We’re talking before the era that Apple almost disappeared in the 90’s. With that said, I will still be very honest and fair in this review. Apple has a history of defining the standards for […]