We try to talk about a number of topics on our blog, and we try to include any applicable links in new posts. However, we wanted to give one page that includes all of our favorite links, which we’ll update from time to time.

Running News and Such:

Running/Health Apps:

  • MapMyRun – One of the many MapMyFitness family members. Track all activities and share with friends.
  • Endomondo – I like this site, mostly for their method of tracking personal best times for various distances.
  • MyFitnessPal – Track your food intake/calories daily. One of the best online databases for food tracking.
  • Charity Miles – Run for charity with the Charity Miles app. Pick your charity of choice, and a sponsor will donate money for every mile you run.
  • Sleep++ – I like to track my sleep, but my UP3’s data is incomplete for me. I like to supplement with this app and my Apple Watch.

Running Gear:

  • Jawbone UP3 – My all day tracker. I leave this on 24/7. I’ve reviewed it here.
  • Fitbit Surge – Mego’s fitness tracker.
  • Apple Watch – I wear my watch about 23/7.
  • Armour39 – Discontinued, but the original HR monitor with memory.
  • Beats Powerbeats2 Wireless – My headphones of choice. I need my music, and wireless is the way to go.
  • Wahoo Fitness Speed and Cadence – Bluetooth connected device to track your bike’s speed and cadence to see how hard you worked.
  • RunnersBox – A bimonthly box sent to your home containing a variety of products to try.